Adult Speech Therapy


Thank you, Simona!

I suffered a stroke, which thankfully spared my writing composition facility, but seemingly obliterated my ability to read any words at all. Numbers are also a gruesome task to comprehend and then speak out in correct sequence. Simona’s considerable skills have already gotten me to a point where I can read consecutive sentences and, on most days, even a small book. It’s only been a few months of meeting once per week, so the progress is absolutely incredible.

In addition to her work and talents, Simona possesses a real down-to-earth empathy for struggle. I have always been an avid reader so suddenly not being able to read at all was devastating for me. There were days that I cried and convinced myself I wasn’t going to get any better. But Simona calmly kept me going every time that I wanted to stop. It’s important to note that you can trust Simona’s optimism because she’s always honest about your progress and potential healing level.

Reading and writing have been one of my life’s main passions. Simona is getting that back for me. There isn’t even a way to adequately thank her for that.


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