In this section, you will find a comprehensive referral list that enables you to access or find anyone among the wide array of tremendous doctors who serve on the staff of Palisades Medical Center. Please use the categories below to search by medical specialties.

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Advanced Practice Nursing 15 Doctors
Allergy/Immunology 2 Doctors
Anatomic Pathology 1 Doctors
Outpatient Testing Patients have access to our outpatient testing facilities: The Cardiopulmonary Laboratory diagnoses and treats existing cardiac and respiratory conditions and provides care to prevent complications after surgery. Brain function tests are...
Anesthesiology 11 Doctors
Pain Relief Center Palisades Medical Center utilizes regional block anesthesia techniques to improve patient satisfaction and results. Regional anesthesia specifically targets the areas that are being operated on versus having to completely induce...
Arrhythmia 1 Doctors
Atrial Fibrillation 1 Doctors
Bioethics Consulting 1 Doctors
Bone Densitometry 1 Doctors
At Palisades Medical Center, we conduct bone density tests to evaluate the condition of your skeletal system and your risk of developing osteoporosis. These simple, painless tests take just a few minutes with...
Cardiology 34 Doctors
Cardiology is the study all things related to the heart and a specialized field of medicine. It's the discipline that researches, diagnoses and treats heart injuries and diseases as well as their causes....
Cardiothoracic Surgery 1 Doctors
Cardiothoracic Surgery refers to the surgeons who specialize in operations on the heart and blood vessels to prevent or repair damage caused by clogged arteries, heart attacks or birth defects. Patients generally see...
99 Results Found