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Fran Fudot
Emergency Department Nurse

Fran hadn't really thought about a career in nursing until her grandpa became ill. As she witnessed the compassion the nurses showed him, how they eased his pain and relieved his fears, she realized that nursing was what she, too, wanted to do. "It's an opportunity to give to others the care and compassion that was given to my grandpa," Fran says.

As an Emergency Department nurse, Fran gives of herself every day. "There's always something I can do for someone to make them more comfortable, and that makes me feel that I'm making a difference," she says. "But I'll never forget the patient who was brought in after suffering a stroke. She was unable to speak and was given medication to dissolve her clot. I kept an eye on her, and in about 35 minutes, she looked at me and said 'thank you.' She could speak. And she was going to be okay. Moments like that make me so grateful to be a nurse."

Lauren Hill
Maternity Nurse

Lauren Hill always knew she wanted to do something to help expectant mothers, but originally she intended to become a counselor. "Then I realized that a Delivery Nurse encompasses everything I wanted to be," she says. "A nurse is a bit of a counselor, a psychologist, and an advocate, as well as a medical professional."

Lauren feels not only enormously grateful, but blessed to be a part of the birthing experience for so many families. She's in awe of the fact that she gets to be there when a child takes its very first breath. "It's like taking part in a miracle every day."

Lauren began her nursing career 5 years ago, and a year and a half ago she found her home at Palisades.

Claire Kim
Same Day Surgery Nurse

Claire Kim was always fascinated by the medical profession, so a career in nursing just seemed like a natural choice. She says nursing is much harder than she imagined it would be, but it's also "far more rewarding."

"You're working with people at a time in their lives when they really need compassion, patience, and understanding," she says. "It's a time when you can really make an impact. Seeing people getting better, stronger, and eventually leaving the hospital, and knowing that I played a part in their recovery, makes me really proud to be a nurse."

Claire has been at Palisades for her entire 7-year nursing career.

Gabriel Pagan
ICU Nurse

"Being the eyes of the doctors and an advocate for patients is what nursing is all about," Gabriel Pagan says. "Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a patient improve and knowing that you played a part in the recovery."

Gabriel was looking for a career that was challenging, something where he could interact with people, employ critical judgment, and make a positive impact. He found all that and more with nursing.

"Palisades gives me the opportunity to grow in my profession and to put all my training and skill to good use helping people at some of the toughest times in their lives."

Mathew Sam
Progressive Care Unit Nurse

Nursing represents a second career and a life change for Mathew Sam. After working in the corporate environment, Mathew wanted an opportunity to help others and make a positive impact. 11 years ago he became a nurse, and he's never looked back.

Mathew realizes that a hospital can be chaotic and sometimes a scary place for patients and their families, especially in the Progressive Care Unit, where many patients are critically ill. So he makes them feel comfortable, keeps them informed, and relieves their anxiety.

"I enjoy being an advocate for patients," Mathew says. "I speak on their behalf, give them a voice, and when I feel that I've really helped someone and made a difference in their life, then that's a good day for me. I'm proud to be a nurse."

We're proud that Mathew has been part of the HackensackUMC Palisades family for over 10 years.

Gabrielle Tripoli
Medical/Surgical Nurse

Gabrielle turned to a nursing career as a gesture of love. She intended to be a teacher, but when her mother became ill and needed care at home, Gabrielle says she "played the role of nurse and loved it."

At her mother's side throughout her illness, Gabrielle also saw the difference a good nurse can make to a patient's well-being. She then studied nursing, and now as a nurse on the medical/surgical unit, she thoroughly loves what she does.

"That you can make a difference in so many people's lives is such an amazing feeling," she says.

Gabrielle came to Palisades directly out of nursing school a year and a half ago and she says she continues to grow as a nurse every day.