Our Nurses

Our Nurses Make The World
A Better Place,
One Patient At A Time.

We'd like you to meet some of the outstanding nurses who make a world of difference for our patients and their families.







Maria Balahadia, RN
Progressive Care Unit

Becoming a nurse was not just a career decision for Maria; it was more of a "calling." She feels like she was drawn to the profession. Although it entails a lot of hard work and long hours, she doesn't regret a minute of her 31 years as a nurse.

"A nurse needs to be both strong and soft at the same time," Maria says. "You have to be responsive, disciplined, hardworking, but you also must be gentle, caring and compassionate."

Maria demonstrates all those characteristics every day as she embraces the "great honor and responsibility" of being a nurse.


Renato Balahadia, RN
Medical Surgical

More than 30 years ago, when Renato's mother was ill, his sister, a registered nurse, cared for her, eased her pain, and kept her comfortable until she passed away. This inspired Renato to become a nurse himself, and he dedicated his life to helping those who can't help themselves.

Renato began his career as a nurse's assistant at Palisades Medical Center in 1986. He's now a licensed RN, working in the Medical Surgical Unit, where patients are often extremely ill, requiring a high level of care.

"The workload is heavy, you’re constantly busy," he says, “but at the end of the day, it makes you feel fulfilled knowing you helped others."


Nicoletta Sragova, RN
Medical Surgical

Nicoletta was looking for a career that would challenge her, something that would allow her to make a positive impact on other people's lives. She certainly found all that as a medical surgical nurse, but there's so much more that she never expected.

"There's such a rewarding feeling and so much pride," she says. "Especially when I can put a smile on a patient's face and make their day a little better. A nurse needs to put their whole heart into what they do, but you get so much back. It's extremely gratifying in so many ways."



Mariama Yaffe, RN
Critical Care Unit

As a critical care nurse, Mariama is always multi-tasking. She comforts patients, reassures families, works with physicians, intervenes in crises, and is on the frontlines making decisions that often affect people's lives. Though the work is stressful, she says she absolutely loves being a nurse.

Patients lover her, too. She has a warm, compassionate personality that puts people at ease, and she's more than happy to go the extra mile. When she's not on duty, patients ask, "Where's Mariama?" Families often tell her as they leave the hospital, "We know our loved one is in good hands with you."

Every day, Mariama makes it clear by her actions that nursing is not just a job for her — it's a passion.