Podiatric Residency Program

Palisades Medical Center offers an intensive Podiatric Surgical Residency program with emphasis on the entire patient experience. Podiatric residents evaluate foot and ankle injuries through the ED with Podiatric attendings covering all foot trauma and soft tissue and osseous ankle injuries every other day. Since PMC offers residency programs in multiple disciplines (listed on previous page), Podiatry is well-integrated and well-received by all specialties, including orthopedics.

PMC has many active Podiatric attendings with diverse background and training, hence, the Podiatric residency experience is both unique and diversified. Residents are required to attend Podiatric lecture, journal club and radiology conference, but are also expected to attend lecture and journal club for the specialties through which they may be currently rotating. In addition to Podiatric surgical cases, academics, and ED coverage, PMC also has a robust wound care center with two hyperbaric chambers, managed and directed by the Podiatric Service. Since many of the chronic wounds are diabetic in nature, PMC has embraced plans on a Charcot Reconstructive clinic within the Wound Care Center.

In short, the Podiatric Surgical Residency experience at PMC is like no other program in the country and offers a unique patient experience to the well-motivated Podiatric resident.


  • PMSR-RRA 3 year residency program, started in January 2015
  • High surgical case volume
  • Accepts 2 residents per year
  • Dr. Demetrios Econopouly, Chief of Podiatric Service and Residency Director
  • 25+ Podiatrists on staff

Program Director

Dr. Demetrios Econopouly

Director of Medical Education

John Mihran Davis, M.D., FACS

Graduate Medical Education Director

Marilyn Williams

Podiatry Program Coordinator

Marilyn Williams